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WELCOME! My name is Ann Mortimer and I'm a professional watercolour artist and tutor from Nottingham, UK.

This is a "learn how to" and "problem solving" blog covering WATERCOLOUR TECHNIQUES.

You can look for things that interest you in the blog archive on the side bar when various topics have built up over time!

I'll be covering thing such as colour mixing, negative painting, using masking fluid, laying washes, painting water and all sorts of other things.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Welcome to Ann's Art Studio

Hi everyone!

This is a new blog to go alongside my annmortimerart blog. This new blog will be for sharing TECHNIQUES AND TIPS and general useful bits of information about WATERCOLOUR painting.

I will illustrate the techniques with still PHOTOS and when I've worked out a way of filming myself painting, I will put VIDEO CLIPS on too.

So look out for some useful info which might solve a problem that you can't work out or answer a question that has been bugging you for ages and stopping you painting.

I'm open to questions. I'll just ask you to keep the questions to the subject I'm dealing with at the time, otherwise we'll all get confused!

See you soon with some useful watercolour info...

If there's anything you would like me to cover, let me know. You can make a comment at the end of each post either by signing in with a google account or by making your comment anonymous (and then tell me who you are in the comment!)

Cheers for now!


  1. Hi Ann, I'm new to your blog and see that you have a book. Are all of these concepts you've been teaching here such as negative painting and tonal painting discussed in your book? Thank you for your time. Your paintings are beautiful!

  2. Hi Carol,
    Well they do appear in the book as there are 6 step by step projects of me painting and those things are basic parts of how I paint. But there are not chapters specifically dealing with those aspects.
    The book is worth a look!
    Thanks for commenting, I love it when people show an interest in what I write and share! Ann